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Company portals
a.k.a. Corporate portal or Corporate intranet solutions has developed considerably over the past 20+ year. These enterprise employee portal are developed using best intranet software solutions and are very helpful to increase communication within enterprise. Enterprise portal solutions are becoming popular in large corporates due to their advantage of easy communication, knowledge share & retention, their time-saving elements and significant ability for collaborative efforts. An enterprise information portal is very useful to establish consistent collaboration within corporate. They offer best performance at affordable price, within corporate budget and saves significant cost.

Today Intranet Portal Development using cloud based intranet solutions (Intranet saas solutions ) has helped businesses in gaining new heights in productivity.

At Shirasmane we provide Company intranet portal development, intranet application design , intranet management software services. Enterprise grade employee intranet web portal software solutions are developed using various platforms.

We offer Customized Intranet Portal development as well as Microsoft sharepoint intranet solutions, google intranet solution & cms intranet open source portal development. There are many corporate portal examples. We also provide hr intranet software for small business as intranet solutions.

These knowledge management portal are very feature rich. Some of the features are listed below:

Features & benefits:

  • Enterprise Portal Solutions provide a variety of beneficial tools to the employees and therefore engages the workforce in improving efficiency
  • Content Sharing & Content version Management
  • It facilitates teamwork, engagement and productivity
  • Cross geography & remote team members management
  • Knowledge sharing & knowledge management
  • Mobile friendly & on-the-Go offers field employees located at far remote distance to communicate with corporate & other business branches
  • Mobile Integration Portals are user-friendly across devices, situation or location.
  • Social network integration including blogging, sharing, chat, team workspaces and video conferencing.
  • Issue management & Resolution helps track issues using threads and can also be shared with others to avoid same issue occur again
  • Quality Management System QMS features
  • Internal Support, communication & collaboration such as payroll, HR, helpdesk etc.

Adoption of intranet portal is attaining huge popularity in enterprises across industries. This has eased collaboration in businesses, internally as well as externally. Therefore, internal user and customer experience grasps the same prominence as the external user and customer experience. A complete intranet makes the employees as well as customers’ voices heard and recognized. This in long run helps in making the Portals even more resourceful and effective for corporates.

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