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#1. Comgrow WOL 3D Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Upgrade Cmagnet Build Surface Plate and ul Certified Power Supply , 8.6 x 8.6 x 9.8-inch

  • Good printing quality
Rating 4.6 out of 5
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We have prepared below FAQ so you get complete knowledge on Price, Features, Benefits, Cost for small & large industrial 3d printers.

What 3d printer should I buy in 2020?
In market we found following commercial 3d printers available to buy , the list is divided in to 11 items as given below:
1) anet a8 3d printer , anycubic i3 mega , anycubic photon dlp 3d printer banggood 3d printer, bean 3d printer , big 3d printer
2) ender 3 5 pro , anycubic i3 mega , carbon 3d printer , cheap 3d printer , cr 10 3d printer, creality ender 3 pro 3d printer, industrial 3d printer large
3) makerbot petg filament, resin 3d printer, sla 3d printer, sls 3d printer, snapmaker tevo tornado toybox 3d printer, ultimaker 3d printer s5
4) carbon m1 m2 3d printer, carbon printer , color jet 3d printer cr 10 3d printer , creality ender 3 best , creatbot f430 , cubuto 3d printer
5) dazz 3d printer , dlp 3d printer , ember 3d printer , ender 3 pro 3d printer , eos 3d printer , eos m100 3d printer ,
6) epson 3d printer , fdm 3d printer , form2 3d printer , formlabs 3d printer , home 3d printer , hp 3d metal printer , hunter 3d printer
7) ivi 3d printer , large 3d printer , liquid 3d printer , makerbot replicator 3d printer , mcor arke , metal 3d printer , milkshake 3d printer
8) mini 3d printer , mooz 3d printer , obsidian 3d printer buy photon 3d printer , phrozen shuffle 3d printer , plastic 3d printer
9) pluto 3d printer , polyjet printer , powder printer , professional 3d printer , resin 3d printer , sla 3d printer , sla printer
10) sls printer small 3d printer , snapmaker 3d printer , stainless steel 3d printer , stratasys printer ,s ultimaker 2 3d extended go printer ultimaker s5
11) up box 3d printer , up mini 2 , vega 3d printer , vit 3d printer , vulcan 2 3d printer , yeehaw 3d printer , zortrax 3d printer

2) How much does it cost for a 3d printer?
Cost varies as per model size , brand and type of material used for printing. Best 3d printer price can cost you typically in the range of Rs.15,000 to Rs.80,000 (USD $200 to $1200) for small 3d printers and Rs.1,20,000 to Rs.5,00,000 for large Industrial 3d printers.

3) Where can I buy 3d printer in India?
You can buy 3d Printer in India from various places such as online from Amazon , Filpkart or by visiting Manufactures , Distributor outlets.

4) Is a 3d printer worth buying?
Yes, Definitely. Considering various advantages 3d printers are worth buying specially when you want to reduce the cost of prototyping. Over other Traditional manufacturing methods, 3d printer provides number of pros & advantages including its cost effectiveness in production planning process including rapid prototyping, flexibility in designing parts, print on demand, creating lightweight but strong parts, waste reduction, quick design change over, fast production. 3D printing offers most cost-effectiveness over traditional manufacturing process where CNC machining and injection molding is required along with expensive machines.

5) Can you make money with a 3d printer?
Yes you can make money using 3d printer. If you are a skilled designer, you can create prototypes or designs of various items and sell them to end customers. You can also sell it as a part of your professional design service. Many small & medium organizations , businesses and individuals frequently require prototypes of their products or 3d objects produced through 3D printing, but they usually don’t have in-house 3d printer in such cases you can offer them commercial service or rent on demand service and earn money.

6) What should I know before buying a 3d printer?
Before you purchase a 3d Printer and start your business you must understand various Types of 3D printers such as:
– Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).
– Output Size , Quality , Price,
– Materials used for 3d printer such as Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).
– Safety issues , beware of Heat or Fumes. Its very important to know is that you are working with heated materials while 3d printer is doing its job.
– Knowledge on development of 3D modeling, STL file (STereoLithography) , Slicing Software etc.

7) Is it cheaper to build your own 3d printer?
It depends upon your requirement and how you look at the production process. Typically 3D printer is used to save money for building prototypes for assembly parts that are high end and whose cost of design & production is quite high. So it can save you time & cost of design to production. However it totally depends upon you whether to have it or not.



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