Plytics – Plant Analytics for Manufacturing Plants & Factories

Plytics is a Plant Analytics software solution designed and developed to analyze the plant factory data. Many Factories or Plants such as manufacturing, power plants, etc. have tremendous amounts of data stored in their historians, asset management systems, and/or control and monitoring systems, DCS. Plant operations and maintenance can be greatly improved by turning this data into actionable information. Plant Data Analytics has proven to be a great tool for many plant operators, due to a variety of decision making capabilities such as Predictive, Preventive, Descriptive, Diagnostic and prescriptive maintenance & forecasting.

Due to the need of long operating lifetimes manufacturing plants need adoption of modern data analytic and other solutions to improve operations and maintenance. Many facilities have automation hardware and software systems in place to produce raw data. Plytics or Plant Analytics software use this raw data and converts it in to information which can be used for decision support system.

This data analytics software in plants improve operations and maintenance through root cause analysis, asset optimization, report generation, and more.

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