Refund Policy for social media campaigns packages

Refund Policy for social media campaigns & packages
Shirasmane upholds this policy in the event that clients will require refunds. Get your refund anytime when:

 1. Shirasmane is unable to complete the order of the client.
 2. Shirasmane have not started the campaign within the promised 24-48-hour period of placing the order.
 3. Any of the social networking websites (YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitter) bans the client’s account due to the delivered services, if duly proven the cause.
 4. You requested a refund 2-5 hours after placing the order.
 Shirasmane also provide the following alternatives to a refund:
1. Recredit funds on clients’ respective portal.
 2. Redeliver views, plays, fans lost when client has proven Shirasmane as the cause of damage (banned or suspended accounts).
 Shirasmane is not responsible for false or misguided information that may link to its website regarding the refund policy. Shirasmane holds no control over independent reviews or web content outside its own website also has no liability to banned accounts of its clients, unless proven the cause of such damage (suspension or banning).
 Contact our customer support for issues prior to refund requests. This is to settle issues that prompted such request and to properly guide you on our refund process.

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