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Siemens PLC are one of the best PLC's available in Industrial Automation. We provide Siemens PLC, Siemens PLC modules, Siemens PLC & Automation Solutions at cheap competitive price. We provide all types of Siemens PLCs, DI/DO, Siemens HMI, Siemens Operator Panels, Siemens Drives, Siemens VFD, Siemens AC Drives, Siemens DC Drives. 

We are stockiest & trader of Industrial devices from leading suppliers & manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Hitachi, Klemsan, Mitsubishi etc. & provide reliable, on time services. (All Trade Mark and Logos are Property of their Respective Owners.)

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Ethernet, without ethernet communication modules

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Stock List: 

1. 6ES72121AB230XB0 CPU 222 DC/DC/DC S7200
2. 6ES72141AD230XB0 CPU 224 DC/DC/DC S7200
3. 6ES72142AD230XB0 CPU 224XP DC/DC/DC S7200
4. 6ES72231BL220XA0 EM 223 16DI/16DO S7200
5. 6ES72211BH220XA0 EM 221 16DI S7200
6. 6ES72231PM220XA0 EM 223 32DI/32D0 S7200
7. 6ES72221BF220XA0 EM222 8DO S7200
8. 6ES72231BH220XA0 EM223 8DI/8DO S7200
9. 6ES72231BM220XA0 EM 223 32DI/32DO S7200
10. 6ES72221HF220XA0 8 DO REL S7200
11. 6ES72231BF220XA0 S7200
12. 6ES72231HF220XA0 S7200
13. 6ES72531AA220XA0 S7200
14. 6ES72121AB230XB8 CPU222, DC/DC/DC S7200
15. 6ES72231PL220XA8 EM223 16DI/16DO S7200
16. 6ES72211BH220XA8 EM221 16DI S7200
17. 6ES72231BL220XA8 EM223 16DI/16DO S7200
18. 6ES72211BF220XA8 EM221 8DI S7200
19. 6ES72231BF220XA8 4DI/4DO S7200
20. 6ES72221BF220XB8 EM 222 8DO S7200
21. 6ES72231HF220XA8 4DI/DO S7200
22. 6ES72231PM220XA8 EM223, 32DI/DO RELAY S7200
23. 6ES73152AH140AB0 CPU 315-2DP S7300
24. 6ES73152EH140AB0 CPU 315-2PN/DP S7300
25. 6ES73211BL000AA0 32DI S7300
26. 6ES73221BL000AA0 32 DO S7300
24. 6ES73325HF00AAB0 8AO S7300
28. 6ES79538LJ300AA0 MMC 512KB S7300 10 20505
29. 6ES73921AJ000AA0 20 PIN CONNECTOR S7300
30. 6ES73901AE800AA0 DIN RAIL 482MM S7300
31. 6ES72111AE310XB0 CPU 1211 S71200
32. 6ES72121BE310XB0 S71200
33. 6ES72121HE310XB0 CPU 1212 DC/DC/ RELAY S71200
34. 6ES72211BF320XB0 SM 1221 8DI S71200
35. 6ES72211BH320XB0 16DI S71200
36. 6ES72221BF320XB0 8 DO S71200
37. 6ES72230BD300XB0 2 DI/2DO S71200
38. 6ES72221BH320XB0 16 DO S71200
39. 6ES72315ND300XB0 4 AI S71200
40. 6ES72221HH320XB0 16 DO RELAY S71200
41. 6ES72221HF320XB0 8 DO RALAY S71200
42. 6ES72315QA300XB0 S71200
43. 6ES72315QD320XB0 4CH TC S71200
44. 6ES72315QF320XB S71200
45. 6ES72314HA300XB0 S71200
46. 6ES72324HA300XB0 1 AO S71200
47. 6ES72315PF320XB0 8AI RTD S71200
48. 6ES72315PA300XB0 S71200
49. 6ES73071BA010AA0
50. 6ES71511CA00AB0 IM 151-1 BASIC
51. 6ES71934CC300AA0 ET 200S
52. 6ES71934CC200AA0 TM FOR PM ET 200S
53. 6ES71354MB020AB0 2 AO ET 200S
54. 6ES71344FB010AB0 2 AI STANDARD ET 200S
55. 6ES71344GB010AB0 2 AI ET 200S
56. 6ES71314BB010AA0 2DI, DC24V
57. 6ES71324BB101AA0 2DO, DC24V
59. 6AV66187ED013AB0 WINCC Flexible Archive Software
60. 6ED10551FB100BA0 LOGO
61. Siemens PLC S7-200 CPU 226 DC/DC/DC 216-2AD23-OXBO
62. Siemens module card EM223 DC/DC 223-1BH22-OXAO
63. Siemens module card EM222 DC 222-1BF22-OXAO


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PLC Siemens S200 S1200 S300 DI DO ETH HMI Buy cheap price


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