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Buy Directory Submission Services as low as $0.1 per single directory submissions. Below are some of our packages using which you can buy manual directory submission services. We have created various Directory Submission packages to meet your requirements. There are total 10 packages ranging from viz. 100 directory submissions to 1000 to 5000 directory submissions. Our Silver directory submission services package is the most popular one where you can easily submit to 1000+ web directories. Our Directory Submission service is the best way to create a large number of one way links. Manual, online and relevant submissions from our SEO experts ensure high percentage of approvals

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Buy Directory submission services Packages

Directory Submission Packages

Package Name




100 Directory Submissions

8 Days

$ 14

200 Directory Submissions

8 Days$ 24

300 Directory Submissions

10 Days$ 34

400 Directory Submissions

10 Days$ 40

500 Directory Submissions

10 Days$ 44

700 Directory Submissions

15 Days$ 64

1000 Directory Submissions

15 Days$ 104

1200 Directory Submissions

15 Days$ 124

1500 Directory Submissions

10 Days$ 174

2500 Directory Submissions

20 Days

$ 274

5000 Directory Submissions

20 Days$ 448


After Payment Please send us below mentioned details on our Email- [email protected]

1. URL : URL which you want to submit
2. Title : Your main targeted Anchor text
3. Description : Small description about 200-250 Characters
4. Keywords: : 4-5 keywords
5. Category : Main category & 2-3 alternative categories
6. Your Full name : which we will use as a submitter name
7. Your Email:- which we will use in Submissions
8. Address Details:- location of your site, country
9. Your Email id: – Email id where we will you send completion report

Benefits – Why Us?

      √ Manual Submission
      √ One-way links
      √ Submission to Relevant Websites
      √ Affordable
      √ Only free, non-reciprocal web directories
      √ On-time delivery
      √ Search Engine Optimized submission
      √ Easy listing in Search Engines
      √ A continuous revision, verification and updation of links to a vast database of directories
      √ An entire report on the submissions made to track your progress

Contact us for your Custom directory submission requirements. We will be pleased to come up with the proposal as per your need  and budget.


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