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Shirasmane is a Search Engine Optimization Company that offers best possible Search Engine Optimization services. Search engine optimization aims at improving the visibility of any website in search engine listings. We have the most talented team with several years of experience which is why we completely stand out in the market. SEO is a most important aspect of your lead generation activity.

For Lead Generation using Web Marketing, We recommend following activities to be carried out. They support each other and increase Lead Conversion, generate high traffic and increase your revenue.

SEO  – Search Engine optimization of your website
SMO – Social Media optimization to promote your business and website
PPC  – Pay Per Click to reach buyer by targeting specific keywords
Link Building – Link Building to Improve you rankings and support SEO campaigns

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

1. Keyword Research
    – We will do thorough keyword research based on criteria’s such as Products that you are selling, Keyword Competition, Pattern of searches to acquire customers, Global & Local monthly search volumes
    – Keywords  Research needs to be done carefully to attract only Relevant visitors to increase conversion rate

2. Website Analysis & On Page Optimization
    – Website is a primary resource on which SEO is applied. Your Website needs to be made “SEO Friendly”
    – Hence we carry out website analysis and recommends changes that are necessary for the success of SEO of the website (On-Page Optimization)

3. Competitor Analysis
    – We carry out detailed competitor analysis of the keywords and based on that we propose total “SEO Efforts” required to beat the competition
    – Based on these Total SEO Efforts we provide Cost Estimations to get an idea of how much SEO will be required to be done in order to beat the competition

4. Off Page optimization
     – This is a major activity and uses various Link Building techniques such as:
     – Press Release submissions(100+ press hubs), Article Publishing, Directory inclusions(100+), Submission to 200+ search engines, Video submissions, etc.

SEO is a continuous activity & for better results, SEO needs to be done for at least 6 to 9 months. How much SEO is required to be done is completely based on Competition and hence total cost estimates can only be identified once competitor analysis is done. However we have created various packages that help you decide how to achieve results. Our packages are especially created considering the needs of Individuals, Micro, Small, Medium & Large Enterprises.

Below are our SEO Packages giving features and Price details.

Select Your Plan Basic Standard Most Popular Gold
SEO Packages10 Keyword 20 Keyword40 Keyword80 Keyword
Minimum Contract Duration6 Months6 Months6 Months6 Months
Price per month ($ / Rs.)$250
Review and Analysis    
Website Analysis
Backlink AnalysisXX
Competitor AnalysisX1 Competitor2 Competitor3 Competitor
Keyword Analysis
Review & Baseline Ranking
Duplicate Content Check
W3C ValidationXX
On Page Optimization    
Title Tag Optimization10 Pages20 Pages40 Pages80 Pages
Meta Tags Optimization10 Pages20 Pages40 Pages80 Pages
Header tag optimization
Existing Content Optimization
Image Optimization
Hyperlink Optimization
Robot.txt Creation & Analysis
XML Sitemap
HTML Sitemap
Navigation AnalysisX
Internal link structuring & OptimizationXX
SEO Friendly URLs RewritingXX
Website Speed & Page Load OptimizationXX
On Page Optimization ReportXX
Off Page Optimization    
Manual Search Engine Submission
Article Writing and Submission25 (1Article*25)50 (2Article*25)75 (3Article*25)100 (4Article*25)
Press Release Writing & SubmissionX25 (1PR*25)50 (2PR*25)100 (4PR*25)
Directory Submission100200300500
Classified Submission20253050
Social Bookmarking100200250400
Business Listing55510
Web 2.0 Profile Creation35510
Blog Commenting5101520
RSS Feed SyndicationXX1020
Forum Posting, Q&A PostingXXX10
Image Promotion (Flickr, Photobuket etc)XX15(3 img*5sites)30(6 img*5sites)
Video Marketing (You Tube, Metacafe etc.)XXX20 (2Video*10sites)
Google Local Map Local Listing
SEO Reports    
Google Analytics Setup
Google Analytics (Statistics)
Keyword Ranking Report
Monthly Report
Customer Support
Chat: Skype, MSN, GTalk, YahooXX
Telephone X X
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Minimum Contract Duration6 Months6 Months6 Months6 Months
Price per month ($ / Rs.)$250 

Payment Terms:
1. Package cost to be paid in advance for each month
2. Initial Contract duration 6 months
3. Package is licensed to one domain (one website) only

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