PLC ABB AC500 eCo DI DO ETH HMI Buy cheap price

PLC ABB AC500 eCo DI DO ETH HMI Buy best price

ABB PLC are one of the best PLC’s available in Industrial Automation. We provide ABB PLC, ABB PLC modules, ABB PLC & Automation Solutions at low competitive price. We provide all types of ABB PLCs, DI/DO, ABB HMI, ABB Operator Panels, ABB Drives, ABB VFD, ABB AC Drives, ABB DC Drives.

We are stockiest of Industrial devices from leading suppliers & manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Hitachi, Klemsan, Mitsubishi etc. & provide reliable, on time services. (All Trade Mark and Logos are Property of their Respective Owners.)

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ABB PLC AC500 & AC500 eco Modules (Contact us for Price & quotes [email protected])

(PART NO. – DESCRIPTION) 1SAP 120600R0001 – PM554-TP (8DI/6D0) , 1SAP P120600R0071 – PM554-TP-ETH , 1SAP120600R0071, 1TNE968902R2301 – DX561, DI561 :S500 , 1TNE968902R1101 – AI 561 1TNE 968900R0220 – PM-554-R , 1SAP 120700R0001 – PM554-RP , PM556-Eth, 1TNE 968900R1100 – PM564-T-(CD1,CD0) , 1SAP 120900R0071 – PM564-TP-ETHA5(6DI/6D0) , 1SAP 121100 R0071 – PM564 -RP-ETH-AC , 1SAP 121000 R0071 – PM564-RP-ETH- , 1TNE 968900R 1220 – PM-564-R-AC , 1TNE 968900R 1200 – PM564R , 1SAP140300R0271 – PM583-ETH , 1TNE 968902 R2 101 – DI 561 (8D1) , 1TNE 968902 R2 201 – DO561 (8D0) , 1TNE968902R2301 – DX 561 ( 8DI/DO) , 1TNE 968902R2 102 – D1 562 (16D1) , 1SAP 230900R0000 – DO562 , 1TNE 968902R1 301 – AX561 (4AI,2AO) , 1TNE 968902 R1101 – AI561 4AI , 1TNE968902R1103 – AI563 4AI, THERMOCOUPLE , 1TNE 968902 R1201 – AO561 2A0 , 1SAP250300R0001 – AI523 , 1SAP240700R0001 – DO524, 32DI , 1SAP240000R0001 – DI524, 32DI , 1SAP240100R0001 – DC532, 16DI , 1TE968902R2001 – DC561 , 1SAP220500R0001 – DC551- , 1SAP180600R0001 – TA524 , 1SAP212000R0001 – TU516 , 1SAP180300R0001 – TA521 , – TA562 , 1TNE968901R4300 – TA562-RS , 1TNE968901R0100 – MC 503 , 2TNE968901R1100 – TK 503 , – AMPC300-50009AF01 , 1SAP500405R0001 – CP 405, 7″ HMI , 1SAP500408R0001 – CP408, HMI 10″COLOR , TA565-9 – 9 POLE , TA565-11 – 11 POLE , ABB 40DI/DO Ethernet, without ethernet communication modules.


The AC500, AC500-eCo, AC500-S and AC500-XC scalable PLC ranges provide solutions for small, middle and high-end applications.

AC500 – high speed machinery and networking solutions.
AC500-eCo – economical configurations for your modern control system. The ideal choice for smaller applications.
AC500-S – is a safety PLC (SIL3, PL e) for safety applications involved in factory or machinery automation area. The ideal choice to implement and manage complex safety solutions.
AC500-XC – Extreme Condition PLC variant of the AC500 platform with extended operating temperature, immunity to vibration and hazardous gases, use at high altitudes and in humid conditions.

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Below are the product codes for PLC Modules:

A) AC500 – CPUs :
1)PM571-ETH-V14x : 1SAP130100R0270 : PM571-ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 64kB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
2)PM571-V14x : 1SAP130100R0200 : PM571:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 64kB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display
3)PM572 : 1SAP130200R0200 : PM572:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 128kB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display
4)PM573-ETH : 1SAP130300R0271 : PM573-ETH:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 512kB 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
5)PM581-ARCNET-V14x : 1SAP140100R0260 : PM581-ARCNET:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 256kB, 24VDC,ARCNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
6)PM581-ETH-V14x : 1SAP140100R0270 : PM581-ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 256kB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
7)PM581-V14x : 1SAP140100R0200 : PM581:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 256kB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display
8)PM582-V14x : 1SAP140200R0200 : PM582:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 512kB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display
9)PM583-ETH : 1SAP140300R0271 : PM583-ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 1MB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
10)PM585-ETH : 1SAP140500R0271 : PM585-ETH:AC500, Programmable Logic Controller 1MB, 24VDC, ETHERNET,2xRS232/485 serial interfaces, FBP interface, SD-Card Slot, LCD Display
11)PM585-MC-KIT : 1SAP140500R0379 : PM585-MC-KIT:AC500,Machine Controller Kit with PM585-ETH+CM579-ETHCAT+TB511-ETH, Packaging Unit: 1 piece
12)PM590-ARCNET-V14x : 1SAP150000R0260 : PM590-ARCNET:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 2MB, 24VDC,ARCNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
13)PM590-ETH : 1SAP150000R0271 : PM590-ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 2MB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
14)PM590-ETH-V14x : 1SAP150000R0270 :PM590-ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 2MB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
15)PM590-MC-KIT : 1SAP150000R0379 : PM590-MC-KIT:AC500,Machine Controller Kit with PM590-ETH+CM579-ETHCAT+TB511-ETH+ TA524, Packaging Unit: 1 piece
16)PM590-V14x : 1SAP150000R0200 : PM590:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 2MB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display
17)PM591-2ETH : 1SAP150100R0277 : PM591-2ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 4MB, 24VDC, 2xETHERNET, 1xRS232/485, SD-Card Slot, LCD Display
18)PM591-ARCNET-V14x : 1SAP150100R0260 : PM591:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 4MB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display
19)PM591-ETH : 1SAP150100R0271 : PM591-ETH:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 4MB, 24VDC,ETHERNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
20)PM591-ETH-V14x : 1SAP150100R0270 : PM591-ARCNET:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 4MB, 24VDC,ARCNET,2xRS232/485,FBP SD-Card Slot,LCD Display
21)PM591-V14x : 1SAP150100R0200 : PM591:AC500,Programmable Logic Controller 4MB, 24VDC,2xRS232/485,FBP,SD-Card Slot LCD Display
22)PM592-ETH : 1SAP150200R0271 : PM592-ETH:AC500, Programmable Logic Controller 4MB/4GB, 24VDC, ETHERNET, 2xRS232/485, FBP SD-Card Slot, 4GB Flashdisk, LCD Display
23)PM595-4ETH-F : 1SAP155500R0279 : PM595-4ETH-F:AC500,Prog.Logic Controller 1.3GHz,16MB/16MB,24VDC,2xETH,2xRS Int.,2 xETH+downl.protocol,2xcoupl.slots
24)TB511-ARCNET : 1SAP111100R0260 : TB511-ARCNET:AC500,Terminal Base,1slot, ARCNET,24VDC,spring terminals
25)TB511-ETH : 1SAP111100R0270 : TB511-ETH:AC500,Terminal Base,1slot, ETHERNET,24VDC,spring terminals
26)TB521-ARCNET : 1SAP112100R0260 : TB521-ARCNET:AC500,Terminal Base,2slots, ARCNET,24VDC,spring terminals
27)TB521-ETH : 1SAP112100R0270 : TB521-ETH:AC500,Terminal Base,2slots, ETHERNET,24VDC,spring terminals
28)TB523-2ETH : 1SAP112300R0277 : TB523-2ETH:AC500,Terminal Base, 2xslots 2xETHERNET RJ45,1xCOM, 24VDC, spring terminals
29)TB541-ETH : 1SAP114100R0270 : TB541-ETH:AC500,Terminal Base,4slots, ETHERNET,24VDC,spring terminals

B) AC500 – Communication modules : Supported communication standards and protocols are: Ethernet , EtherCAT , PROFINET , PROFIBUS DP , CANopen , DeviceNet , Modbus TCP ,
Modbus RTU , RCOM , Serial , ABB CS31
1)CM572-DP : 1SAP170200R0001 : CM572-DP:AC500,Communication Module PROFIBUS-DP Master,D-Sub 9 poles Profibus DPV0/V1 Protocol
2)CM574-RCOM : 1SAP170401R0201 : CM574-RCOM:AC500,Communication Module Serial RCOM x serial RS-232/485 RCOM, 1x serial RS232/485 console
3)CM574-RS : 1SAP170400R0201 : CM574-RS:AC500,Communication Module 2xRS-232/485 Free configurable Serial Interface Module
4)CM575-DN : 1SAP170500R0001 : CM575-DN:AC500,Communication Module DeviceNet Master, pluggable 5 poles spring terminal
5)CM577-ETH : 1SAP170700R0001 : CM577-ETH:AC500,Communication Module ETHERNET 2xRJ45, integrated switch
6)CM578-CN : 1SAP170800R0001 : CM578-CN:AC500,Communication Module CANopen pluggable 5 poles spring terminal
7)CM579-ETHCAT : 1SAP170902R0001 : CM579-ETHCAT:AC500,Communication Module ETHERCAT 2xRJ45
8)CM579-PNIO : 1SAP170901R0101 : CM579-PNIO:AC500,Communication Module PROFINET IO RT Controller,2xRJ45, integrated switch
9)CM579-PNIO-R0001 : 1SAP170901R0001 : CM579-PNIO:AC500,Communication Module PROFINET I/O RT,2xRJ45, integrated switch
10)CM588-CN : 1SAP172800R0001 : CM588-CN:AC500,Communication Module CANopen Slave, pluggable T 2×5 poles spring terminal
11)CM589-PNIO : 1SAP172900R0011 : CM589-PNIO:AC500,Communication Module PROFINET IO Device, 2xRJ45, integrated switch
12)CM592-DP : 1SAP173200R0001 : CM592-DP:AC500,Communication Module PROFIBUS-DP Master,D-Sub 9 poles Profibus DPV0/V1 Protocol
13)CM597-ETH : 1SAP173700R0001 : CM597-ETH:AC500,Communication Module ETHERNET 2xRJ45, integrated switch
14)CM598-CN : 1SAP173800R0001 : CM598-CN:AC500,Communication Module CANopen pluggable 2×5 poles spring terminal

C) AC500 – Communication interface modules: Supported communication standards and protocols are: Ethernet , EtherCAT , PROFINET , PROFIBUS DP , CANopen , DeviceNet , Modbus TCP ,Modbus RTU , RCOM , Serial , ABB CS31
1)CI501-PNIO : 1SAP220600R0001 : CI501-PNIO:S500,Bus-Module,8DI/8DO/4AI/ 2AO,24VDC,DI:24VDC,DO:24VDC/0.5A,U/I/RTD 12bit+sign,1/2-wire,PROFINET I/O
2)CI502-PNIO : 1SAP220700R0001 : CI502-PNIO:S500,Bus-Module,8DC/8DI/8DO 24VDC,DI/DC:24VDC,DO/DC:24VDC/0.5A 1/2-wire,PROFINET I/O
3)CI504-PNIO : 1SAP221300R0001 : CI504-PNIO:S500, Bus-Module PROFINET/Serial gateway, PROFINET, 3xserial interfaces RS232/485, Ethernet switch
4)CI504-PNIO-XC : 1SAP421300R0001 : CI504-PNIO-XC:S500, Bus-Module PROFINET/Serial, 24VDC, gateway PROFINET, 3xserial interfaces RS232/485, Ethernet switch, Outdoor&XC
5)CI506-PNIO : 1SAP221500R0001 : CI506-PNIO:S500, Bus-Module PROFINET/Serial/CAN gateway, PROFINET, 2xserial interfaces RS232/485, CAN Master, Ethernet switch
6)CI511-ETHCAT : 1SAP220900R0001 : CI511-ETHCAT:S500,Bus-Module,8DI/8DO/4AI 2AO,24VDC,DI:24VDC,DO:24VDC/0.5A,U/I/RTD 12bit+sign,1/2-wire,ETHERCAT,NSW Fct.
7)CI512-ETHCAT : 1SAP221000R0001 : CI512-ETHCAT:S500,Bus-Module,8DC/8DI/8DO 24VDC,DI/DC:24VDC,DO/DC:24VDC/0.5A 1/2-wire,EtherCAT
8)CI541-DP : 1SAP224100R0001 : CI541-DP:S500, Bus-Module 4AI/2AO/8DI/8DO, PROFIBUS-DP, 24VDC, DI:24VDC, DO:24VDC/0.5A, U/I/RTD 12bit+sign, 1/2-wire
9)CI542-DP : 1SAP224200R0001 : CI542-DP:S500, Bus-Module 8DC/8DI/8DO, PROFIBUS-DP, 24VDC, DI/DC:24VDC, DO/DC:24VDC/0.5A, 1/2-wire
10)CI581-CN : 1SAP228100R0001 : CI581-CN:S500, Bus-Module 4AI/2AO/8DI/8DO, CANopen, 24VDC, DI:24VDC, DO:24VDC/0.5A, U/I/RTD 12bit+sign, 1/2-wire
11)CI582-CN : 1SAP228200R0001 : CI582-CN:S500, Bus-Module 8DC/8DI/8DO, CANopen, 24VDC, DI/DC:24VDC, DO/DC:24VDC/0.5A, 1/2-wire
12)CI590-CS31-HA : 1SAP221100R0001 : CI590-CS31-HA:S500,Bus Module 16DC,2xCS31 DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire High Availabilty,2xCS31 Redundant
13)CI592-CS31 : 1SAP221200R0001 : CI592-CS31:S500,Bus Module8DI/4AI/2AO/8DC 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DO:24VDC/0.5A,U/I/RTD 12bit+sign,1-wire,CS31
14)DC505-FBP : 1SAP220000R0001 : DC505-FBP:S500,FBP-Interface Module,8DI/8D DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire
15)DC551-CS31 : 1SAP220500R0001 : DC551-CS31:S500,Bus Module 8DI/16DC DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire CS31
16)TU505 : 1SAP210200R0001 : TU505-FBP:S500,FBP-Terminal Unit,Screw M12 FBP Interface,24VDC
17)TU506 : 1SAP210000R0001 : TU506-FBP:S500,FBP-Terminal Unit,Spring M12 FBP Interface,24VDC
18)TU507-ETH : 1SAP214200R0001 : TU507-ETH:S500,Bus-Terminal Unit,Screw 2xRJ45,24VDC,for RT-ETHERNET modules
19)TU508-ETH : 1SAP214000R0001 : TU508-ETH:S500,Bus-Terminal Unit,Spring 2xRJ45,24VDC,for RT-ETHERNET modules
20)TU509 : 1SAP211000R0001 : TU509:S500,Bus-Klemm.block,Sch
21)TU510 : 1SAP210800R0001 : TU510:S500, Bus-Terminal Unit, Spring / D-Sub 9 pole Interface, 24VDC, Fieldbus communication
22)TU517 : 1SAP211400R0001 : TU517:S500,Bus-Klemm.block,Sch
23)TU518 : 1SAP211200R0001 : TU518:S500, Bus-Terminal Unit, fieldbus and IO, spring terminal blocks, 24VDC, Fieldbus communication
24)TU520-ETH : 1SAP214400R0001 : TU520-ETH:S500, Bus-Terminal Unit, Fieldbus-Gateway, pluggable spring terminal blocs, 2xRJ45 for ETH
25)TU551-CS31 : 1SAP210600R0001 : TU551-CS31:S500,Bus Terminal Unit,Screw for CS31 Bus-Modules
26)TU552-CS31 : 1SAP210400R0001 : TU552-CS31:S500,Bus Terminal Unit,Spring for CS31 Bus-Modules

D) AC500 – S500 I/O modules : You can choose and combine your needed type of connection:
Digital Number of I/Os Features
1)DI524 32DI 24 V DC
2)DC522 16DC configurable, Transistor, fast counter
3)DC523 24DC configurable, Transistor, fast counter
4)DC532 16DI 16DC 16 configurable, Transistor, fast counter
5)DX522 8DI 8DO Relay
6)DX531 8DI 4DO Relay
7)DO524 32DO Transistor

Analog Number of I/Os Features
1)AI523 16AI V, mA, Pt100, Pt1000, Ni1000
2)AX521 4AI 4AO V, mA, Pt100, Pt1000, Ni1000
3)AX522 8AI 8AO V, mA, Pt100, Pt1000, Ni1000
4)AO523 16AO
5)AI531 8AI V, mA, Pt100, Pt1000, Ni1000, Thermocouple

Special function modules Number of I/Os Features
1)DA501 16DI 4AI 2AO fast counter, 8 configurable
2)CD522 2DI 8DC fast counter, PWM and configurable
3)DC541 8DC fast counter, configurable

1)AI523 : 1SAP250300R0001 : AI523:S500,Analog Input Module 16AI, U/I/RTD 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire
2)AI531 : 1SAP250600R0001 : AI531:S500,Analog Input Module 8AI, U/I/RTD Thermocoupler J,K,T,N,S,15bit+sign 24VDC,2/4-wire
3)AO523 : 1SAP250200R0001 : AO523:S500,Analog Output Module 16AO, U/I 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire
4)AX521 : 1SAP250100R0001 : AX521:S500,Analog Input/Output Module 4AI/4AO, U/I/RT 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire
5)AX522 : 1SAP250000R0001 : AX522:S500,Analog Input/Output Module 8AI/8AO, U/I/RT 12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire
6)CD522 : 1SAP260300R0001 : CD522:S500,2xEncoder Module,2xPWM Outputs 6DI-Sensor/10DI/10DO,24VDC,DI-sensor.:5/24 VDC-2-wire,DI:24VDC,DO:24VDC/0,5A-1-wire
7)DA501 : 1SAP250700R0001 : DA501:S500,Digital Analog Input/Output Module 16DI/4AI/2AO/8DC, 24VDC,DI:24VDC DO:24VDC/0.5A,U/I/RTD,12bit+sign,1-wire
8)DC522 : 1SAP240600R0001 : DC522:S500,Digital Config.Input/Output Module 16DC, 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire
9)DC523 : 1SAP240500R0001 : DC523:S500,Digital Config.Input/Output Module 24DC, 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire
10)DC532 : 1SAP240100R0001 : DC532:S500,Digital Input/Output Module 16DI/16DC, 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire
11)DC541-CM : 1SAP270000R0001 : DC541-CM:AC500,Digital Fast Input/Output Module 8DC, 24VDC,DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire
12)DI524 : 1SAP240000R0001 : DI524:S500,Digital Input Module 32DI, DI:24VDC,1-wire
13)DO524 : 1SAP240700R0001 : DO524:S500,Digital Output Module 32DO, DO-Transistor:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire
14)DX522 : 1SAP245200R0001 : DX522:S500,Digital Input/Output Module 8DI/8DO-Relay, DI:24VDC,DO-Relay:230VAC/3A,2/3-wire
15)DX531 : 1SAP245000R0001 : DX531:S500,Digital Input/Output Module 8DI/4DO-Relay 230V, DI:115-230VAC,DO-Relay:230VAC/3A,2-wire
16)TU515 : 1SAP212200R0001 : TU515:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,24VDC,Screw for DC I/O Modules
17)TU516 : 1SAP212000R0001 : TU516:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,24VDC,Sprin for DC I/O Modules
18)TU531 : 1SAP217200R0001 : TU531:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,230VAC screw, for AC or Relay Modules
19)TU532 : 1SAP217000R0001 : TU532:S500,I/O Terminal Unit,230VAC,Spri for AC or Relay Modules

E) AC500 – Accessories :
1)1TNE968901R1100 : TK503 : AC500,Progr.Cable,D-Sub/USB D-Sub 9poles,Length 3m
2)MC502 : 1SAP180100R0001 : MC502:AC500,SD Memory Card
3)TA521 : 1SAP180300R0001 : TA521 TA521:AC500,Lithium primary button cell Set for data buffering
4)TA523 : 1SAP180500R0001 : TA523, Pluggable Marker Holder for
5)TA524 : 1SAP180600R0001 : TA524:AC500,Dummy Coupler Module
6)TA525 : 1SAP180700R0001 : TA525 TA525:AC500,Set(10) white Plast.Markers
7)TA526 : 1SAP180800R0001 : TA526:AC500,Wall mounting acc.(10p)
8)TA527 : 1SAP181100R0001 : TA527:AC500,Power Supply Plug 5 poles 5 pieces,Spring terminal
9)TA528 : 1SAP181200R0001 : TA528:AC500,COM1 Plug 9 poles 5 pieces,Spring terminal
10)TA532 : 1SAP182000R0001 : TA532:AC500,9 poles plugs for Com.Module CM574-RS/-RCOM spare parts, 10 pieces,Spring terminal
11)TA533 : 1SAP182100R0001 : TA533:AC500,5 poles plugs for Com.Module CM575-DN / CM578-DN spare parts, 5 pieces,Spring terminal
12)TA534 : 1SAP182200R0001 : TA534:AC500,5 poles plugs for Com.Module CM588-CN slave, spare parts 5 pieces,Spring terminal
13)TA535 : 1SAP182300R0001 : TA535:AC500,Protective Caps XC devices 10x D-Sub 9 poles, 20x RJ45, 3xRJ45 female, 10x M12-FBP Plastic protective caps
14)TA536 : 1SAP183100R0001 : TA536:AC500,10 poles plugs for fast IO module,spare parts,10 pieces, Spring terminal
15)TK501 : 1SAP180200R0001 : TK501:AC500,Programming Cable D-Sub/D-Sub, 5m length
16)TK502 : 1SAP180200R0101 : TK502:AC500,Programming Cable D-Sub/Term.Block,5m length

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