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Best Email Marketing Software for sending bulk email messages

Bulk Email Marketing is a regular technique used in Digital Marketing. Bulk email sending software is widely used by email marketers to promote various product and services. Mass emailing allows you to spread information about your products or services to a large audience quickly and efficiently. Atomic Mail Sender is a professional, high-performance mass emailing software for your email…

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A plugin to insert the aiContactSafe form in an article. Use it like this : {aicontactsafeform pf=1|use_css=1|aics_name=default name|field2_name=value field2}. “pf=1” will set the profile with the id 1. “use_css=1” will activate the profile css. “aics_name=default name” will set the default value of the field aics_name to “default name”. You can use here all the fields defined in aiContactSafe.

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